and oh, i wept (1/2)

this numb heart of mine,
couldn’t help but tear up,
as he read this girl,
while she talked about the day,
she lost her dad.

oh, tell me,
how do you console someone,
who lost her everything?

how do i dare tell her
that it’ll be alright,
when the one,
that she continues to love so dearly
has already departed?

is there anything, really
that oh, i can do
to make her feel better
even when time itself
fails to wholly extinguish
the pain of losing
a loved one

oh, how when she wrote;

No matter how much I cried to him, how much I screamed, how lovingly I called him back, my father did not wake up.”

my heart sank
and oh,
i could no longer resist,
the tears
within my eyes

oh, i wept

i wept
as if it were i
who lost whom he loved the most

i wept
as if it were i who called out to his beloved
while he lay there

oh, i wept
for her pain, had really become mine

tell me,
just what do you do,
to lighten the pain,
that she’s slowly drowning herself in
as she revisits every memory of him

tell me,
what do you do
to help make her smile

every corner of her house
smells of a presence
that oh now lies
in ashes

tell me, just what is it
that oh, i should do
such that she doesn’t feel the way
that she does

just what is it????

hoping against hope

and if you want to make it in life
begin this lonely journey
with a simple belief
upon yourself

that oh, you can
and that you’ll.

and oh if you would like to, you can also read this on youtube, by clicking here!

with love.


hold my hand, tight; my love

just the way

i held your smile
with that of mine

and you can also read this on youtube, by clicking here!

with love.