even if today wasn’t the day, my love
for you to fruit

i have faith, that oh, there will come
a season

for just you

to blossom


sometimes, when i’m on my own, ma
i wonder,
if we were all to be reborn
oh would you still wish for me, ma
to be your child?

even if so far,
all that i’ve caused you
is but pain
and disappointment


oh would you still,
want to be the one, ma
to nurture me
in your homely womb

even if ma,
i failed to become
all that you hoped for
me too


oh would you still be willing, ma
to accept this incompetent son of yours

even if i was
but mere darkness
that only added to the baggage
that you were already carrying


now that i cerebrate
perhaps it was you, ma
who was the ill fated one
for you had a son
such as me


maybe you would have been
much better off, ma
without this impudent son of yours

who failed time and again
to maintain
that beautiful smile of yours


perhaps i really did not deserve, ma
to have an angel
such as you
as my mother

oh, forgive my selfishness, ma
for wishing myself
to be yours again

only to hope
that oh in the next
you mother someone
who’s worthy of receiving
all that you offer

a prescription, from love

so, on some days, love can also make me a doctor.

so, if perhaps there’s a patient,

who feels sleepless, during the nights; is just in a lot of stress; who feels imperfect; and who at times, feels a lil lonely

the prescription, that i’d write for her, goes something like this

before breakfast, that should be around 7:00 AM; cuddling for 2 hours straight, whilst being kissed on your forehead and cheeks, quite frequently
in breakfast, i’d say which should be around 9:15 AM; laying on his lap, while he’d feed you, something warm
after breakfast, which should be around 10:00 AM; be caressed, only to be put to sleep, whilst residing in his arms

so, after this comes brunch, that should be around 1:00 PM; you’ve to be kissed, everywhere; not a part of yours, shall be spared; and also, whilst being kissed, you’d be told, as to how beautiful does all of you really feel

then in lunch, which should be around, 2:30ish PM; a lot of kisses, cuddles and conversations, while watching k-drama or anything rather light-hearted

then in eve snack, which should be around 5:00 PM-6:00 PM; a quick shower together, and a lil tasting for both

then in dinner; you’d be made love to, in oh the most sweetest manner

then, for late night snack; you’d be played your fav song, on a piano, with lyrics written especially for you and be put to sleep, only to lose yourself in the world of your dreams

the patient would have to continue this for a month and then come back to me.


with love.

although, i am quite embarrassed to post this, but i can’t tell you, as to fun this was lol

bye bye