and if i ever wrote a song, my love

and if i ever wrote a song, my love;
no i won’t be signing it out loud,
but subtly somewhere amidst the hills
such that oh my love when oh i recite,
so shall the hills.

just how beautiful, would it all be really? to recite a song that oh you wrote, to your loved one.

i can’t seem to stop smiling, as and when i close my eyes, to imagine a rather similar scenery. as if i’ve lived it a thousand times.

i’ve recited poetry, before; but never a song.

oh, i wonder; just how does it feel, really? just how beautiful of a moment would it be really?

while oh she’d be sitting on my lap. smiling ear to ear

conversing; about things that matter and don’t


only for a chord, to struck, within my heart;

such that i’d take out the folded paper from within my pocket

only to pull her towards; as i slowly unfold it

and began; reciting


oh i recite, and oh i kiss;

after every para, sentence, word, letter;

only for her to

lean in

after a few

in the midst of my expression

so as to make her smile, a part of mine

so as to whisper


in my ear


while i murmur


a promise;

within her heart

with love.


and oh my love,

of all the portraits

that oh, i have painted

my favorite

is the one

that oh, i painted



the art, and the the artist; both were you.

with love.

and there will come a day, when you’d be family

and oh my love,
i think about you
every time

i accomplish

only to
wish you were
right here
as a part of my life

just so i could share, my love

this happiness
that oh i feel

for even if
i dont know you still

oh i know
that there will come a day, my love
when you’d be family

with love.

and so what if, i dare dream?

wishing on eyelashes

and oh my love,

every eyelash

that oh, i ever came across


my one and only wish

that oh, there will come a day

when, oh my love

i’d have you

sitting on my lap; smiling

while you’d be


just as beautiful,

as you always have

only for me

place my lips


they know,

that they will smile the most

and oh,
how beautiful would it all be, my love?

oh, just how beautiful would it all really be?

with love.