and oh, even if it hurts everyday
keep walking
for that is really how
you’d be able to reach
wherever it is

that oh you wish to be


and oh, if we come to like each other,
share an address, my love

for the numbers to you
do not feel right

for the ballads amidst
the two of us

to take place

won’t you?

oh won’t you hold me close, my love
and tell me, as to how i’m only
and only yours
the same way, you’re only
and only mine


oh won’t you lay by mine, my love
and gaze, in a manner
that oh would feel, just as sweet
as the taste, to you


oh won’t you dance, my love
in phases oh so different,
so as to fill our once
lonely, cold nights
sweat, and moans


oh won’t you simply stay, my love
throughout the quiet and dark
with our hands clasped
and our lips locked
unto each other’s

oh, won’t you, my love?

oh, won’t you?

with love.