let go of the relationships,
that are loosely held,

for they are but like sand;
no matter how much you tighten; yours
all of it, in the end
is bound to slip.


if oh my love, you were a poem,
i’d call you home;
not because of the flesh to you
nor will it be because you’re known
but oh my love, because it is but in those eyes of yours
that oh, I would want to reside in

oh my love, I’ve wandered on roads, oh so many,
but never have i ever come across
a sight as exquisite as you
for it to make me wish,
oh if i were to ever wander again
it’d be with your hand in mine

oh my love, let me become
an anchor for just you
such that oh my love,
even if everything else were to fall apart
i shall still be by your side

oh my love, i may have only known you
for a several

but oh my love, even so
i do not wish for myself to wait
to be able to wake up, by your side

for oh these days, my love
the only dream, that oh i ever see
is but the one wherein i begin my morning’s
by planting a smile
on your lips, as and when
my would caress yours

oh i understand, my love
that oh you still find me rather distant

but even so, oh my love
i cannot allow you
to be on your own anymore

for i want to be able to share
all that you feel

whilst filling any crevice to you
wherein you still lack

oh my love, i want to be able to;
just be there

even if you wouldn’t want me to

oh my love,
i just want be to be able to love; you

for that is truly and honestly

what i feel

about you.

with love.


oh i cannot promise you stars, that glistens through the night
but oh my love, i can make sure that your smile is the one, that oh is the brightest of all of them

oh i cannot present you with the jewels that oh my love would fit your fingers,
but oh i can adorn you, with the pearls that oh my love i handpicked

oh i cannot take you for those starred dinners, my love;
but oh i can cook all that you love,
only to then feed you, while oh you’d be sitting on my lap

oh i cannot have a bouquet at your doorstep every day;
but oh my love, i can plant your favorites on you; every morning

oh i cannot always offer you the best, that there exists

but oh my love;

i can vow

to always be there,

by your side

so as to love,

you and only you.

with love.

if i promise

if i promise you poetry,
oh will you my love, always be there; listening as oh i’d recite all that i’ve ever felt for you?

if i promise you an eternity of friendship,
oh would you my love, take my hand and walk on this journey with me?

if i promise you warmth,
oh would you my love, cuddle with me, through the early mornings, until oh the sun would set?

if i promise you passion, my love;
would you make love to me, underneath an open sky, only to lose ourselves, in a symphony of our own?

if i promise you a safe haven,
oh my love, would you hold my hand, while oh you lay curled up in my embrace, until oh the storm would pass?

if i promise you saving,
then, oh would you my love share the insecurities to you, and all that it is; that keeps you from sleeping at night?

if i promise you care,
oh would you my love, let me take care of you?

if i promise you dreams,
oh would you allow me my love, to be your biggest fan, as you set out to achieve something, which oh so many of them thought you never could?

if i promise you love,
oh would you, my love; love me back?

if i promise you a house,
oh would you stand by my side, so as to build us a home?

if i promise you children,
oh would you be a willing, my love; to harbor our daughters, in your womb?

if i promise you, incomplete
oh my love, would you be willing to be the one,
that oh completes me?

with love

the beauty to you

and oh my love, i do not care if you’re adorned with stars, or covered in mud;
i’d still love all of you, for oh the beauty to you; lies not in all that i see, but in the way you’d feel