and if i ever wrote a song, my love

and if i ever wrote a song, my love;
no i won’t be signing it out loud,
but subtly somewhere amidst the hills
such that oh my love when oh i recite,
so shall the hills.

just how beautiful, would it all be really? to recite a song that oh you wrote, to your loved one.

i can’t seem to stop smiling, as and when i close my eyes, to imagine a rather similar scenery. as if i’ve lived it a thousand times.

i’ve recited poetry, before; but never a song.

oh, i wonder; just how does it feel, really? just how beautiful of a moment would it be really?

while oh she’d be sitting on my lap. smiling ear to ear

conversing; about things that matter and don’t


only for a chord, to struck, within my heart;

such that i’d take out the folded paper from within my pocket

only to pull her towards; as i slowly unfold it

and began; reciting


oh i recite, and oh i kiss;

after every para, sentence, word, letter;

only for her to

lean in

after a few

in the midst of my expression

so as to make her smile, a part of mine

so as to whisper


in my ear


while i murmur


a promise;

within her heart

with love.


  1. L.K. Latham · 17 Days Ago

    Lovely: But I’ll have to stick to singing in my heart. My joyful noise is a but much for most. :)


    • srijan · 16 Days Ago

      thankyou so much.

      and i’m sure, there exists one, for whom that joyful noise, is but a sweet sweet melody :)


  2. Bhavya Bhardwaj · 16 Days Ago

    this is beautiful, so very beautiful :’))


  3. Peace · 16 Days Ago

    This is very beautiful…. nice description of love 💜💫


  4. A Lightyear Journey · 16 Days Ago

    This is so beautiful 🖤


  5. stephaniewachman6 · 15 Days Ago

    I love this you are a beautiful writer. Amazing


  6. Susi Bocks · 22 Hours Ago

    So beautiful, Srijan! <3


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