and if i could write for, one last time

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write, so as to tell
that girl
that oh, i stumbled upon
around here
as to how much really
did i want to
paint myself
in her exquisite eyes

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write about
giving the biggest hug
to that girl
who oh, just so heartbreakingly wrote
about her crying
herself to sleep
on a night,
all that she needed
was to be held

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write,
so as to tell
that girl
who oh was shamed
for having big breasts
as to how
she was perfect
just the way she is

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write,
so as to tell
that girl
who oh believed herself
to be useless
that oh she isn’t
that oh she can

the first stanza,

talks about a girl, that i read around here, who had the prettiest eyes, that oh, i had ever seen, such that i couldn’t help but dream of painting myself within them.

the second stanza,

talks about a girl, who oh shared parts to her, that were just so heartbreaking, that after having read her, all that i wanted to do, was to give her a big hug.

the third stanza,

talks about a girl, who shared as to how she was shamed and called names, just because she had big breasts, such that she began to hate them, wanting to change, knowing not that oh she was perfect, just the way she is.

the fourth stanza,

talks about a girl, who wrote as to how she thought of her to be absolutely useless, when oh she just wasn’t.

with love.


  1. Adelheid · June 27

    Love this!


  2. sriharsha · June 27


  3. Kenneth · June 27

    Reblogged this on Disablities & Mental Health Issues.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. L.K. Latham · June 27

    First half works well as it could be for one or many girls. The second is almost a second poem. Both are well done.


    • srijan · June 28

      indeed, it could be! and thankyou so much!


  5. she who tied knotes · June 27

    It’s painfully warm to read! ❤


  6. marouabourni · June 28

    Love it 🤍


  7. A Lightyear Journey · June 28

    This was really beautiful 🖤


  8. Jeff · June 28

    Beautiful words!


  9. Nancy Richy · June 28



  10. Vandana Joshi · June 29

    reading this made me feel warm… beautiful words


  11. Muskan sharma · June 30

    Why have you explained your own poem? I think it kind of kills the essence of poetic structure.


  12. Muskan sharma · June 30

    But the poem. Uff, just sooo beautiful.


  13. Priti · June 30

    Everyone is excellent in her own ways ! Your beautiful lines can make them comfortable ☺️! Thanks for sharing 😊


  14. srijan · July 1

    thankyou so much!


  15. jacklynnenita · July 2

    Loved this ❤


  16. Bhavya Bhardwaj · July 4

    this is so beautiful and warm🥺💕


  17. pretty_dandelion · July 15

    Speechless …


  18. Emotional Cat · July 16

    I…uh, I haven’t been here for very long time. I don’t read too many posts because they make me feel too much, and… I hate all that feeling inside. That’s vulnerable and … I guess I’m not making much of a point. But I came across your post, and it made the pain worth it, it gave the feeling a shape. Random guess is, you might be a Bengali. Or might not. So long, then, poet.


    • srijan · July 17

      i feel you. and oh, you’re fine :)

      thank you, for taking the time out to read. and for the kind words. it means a lot.

      and personally, i feel a lil too much too. i always have. and oh it’s a gift :)

      and indeed, i’m a bengali.

      so long, dear one.

      with love.

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