daydreaming about the daughter, i’d have someday

is it just me, who just longs to have a daughter someday? i find myself daydreaming, about this a lil too much these days and there’s just no stopping to it. i can’t explain, as to how adorable of a feeling it is to have a daughter. it’s probably the best thing, that could happen to anyone.

i’ve had this dream with me, since i was 17. it has been 5 years since then, yet that feeling, still lives within me.

over the years, i’ve written a few confessing my love, for the same, but oh i just can’t seem to stop myself from writing more. so, here goes nothing.

oh how i can imagine it all, as if this was something i’ve lived times so many.
it’s early, in the morning, and oh i hear our bedroom door open, and oh there she is. our lil one.
i sit up straight, on the bed; only to pick her up, and have her sit by my side so as to give her a million kisses and a warm morning hug.

oh how sweetly, she lay by my side, for a few; as i slowly dozed off smiling;

only to open my eyes, several later and oh i saw her in my wife’s embrace.
and oh how at that moment, i couldn’t help but smile.
for oh they both looked a dream. a dream, that i’ve always longed for.

i gazed at them for a while, only to then join them; reminiscing the time, when the once nestled one; now was in my arms, with her eyes still closed, looking like the most adorable baby girl in this whole wide world.

i probably won’t ever forget the first time, when oh i held her in my arms. or perhaps the first time, i was tasked w looking after her through the night. or maybe that one time, when i had to google, how to change diapers.

oh how all such little little moments came rushing back to me, while i lay w them.

i kissed both of them, on their cheeks; as i retired to attend to my errands

~in whispers:

oh i thanked my wife, for loving me and oh bringing me the utmost happiness, through our daughter
oh i thanked my daughter, for bringing us so much happiness and making us the happiest, we have ever been or ever will.


oh how i’ll always cherish, the first time; she held mine, whilst looking at me oh so innocently. and oh i fell in love.
i fell in love w her and oh w this process, of getting to know; her and the lovely ways, through which she connects.

oh trust me, when i say it; there’s no more beautiful of a feeling, than meeting your baby; for the v first time;
her lil hands
her cute belly
her cute cute legs
and oh just so much more

even if i haven’t really lived, oh i’ve lived it more than anyone, through these words that oh i write

and oh that’s why i know

i know, how really beautiful of a feeling it really is

cherish it, if you ever get a chance to live it

savor it

the way a mother, looks at her child; the way she kisses her, plays w her; all of it fits perfectly.

a mother just knows; the happenings and nothings; within the child that oh she gave her birth too.

trust in her judgements and even if perhaps, she’s wrong; kiss her and tell her that oh it’ll be fine.

learn together. learn as one.

after pregnancy, if you’re the father, you should volunteer, to stay awake; so as to lighten the responsibility that oh would fall on your wife. you’re in this together. don’t let her be alone, as she’d take care of her through the night.

oh it’ll be hard, but if you stand by each other’s side, and have each other’s back; oh it shall turn out just fine.

this will not be an easy journey, but this sure would a fulfilling experience.

also, it’s the most beautiful feeling, to see your wife, with your daughter;
i dont know, what exactly is it about it, but every time, i imagine the same, i feel this fluttering in my heart.

there’s something about it, that is just so soothingly beautiful. if someday, i come to realize it, i’ll share it.

i await the day, when oh after a hard, tiring day, i won’t return to a cold bed; but oh to my wife’s embrace;

as she lays there, with our lil one

waiting, for me to continue to recite

the fairytale

that felt like a plot, from one of those movies

but really was, what her

mother and i lived through.

with love.

there’s a lot more, that i could write; but i’ll leave it at that. for otherwise, i’ll just long for it even more and being single isn’t really helping me w that aspect of it.

anyway, before i take my leave, i’ve a question, for one and all.

hypthetically speaking, if perhaps you could have a daughter w me, what would you want to name our lil one and why?

thankyou so much for reading.


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  2. Dakshali Gupta · 21 Days Ago

    That’s a lovely delightful day- dreaming. God will surely bless you with a cute baby girl💫. May your efforts of writing won’t waste. you have think her name rt? Ig I have read in your previous posts..but forgetting now…

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    • srijan. · 21 Days Ago

      i do have a few, that i like; but i wanted to know, what the person reading, would want to name ‘our’ daughter! :)
      thankyou so much for reading. means a lot to me!


      • Dakshali Gupta · 21 Days Ago

        Trisha… it’s just spontaneous flicks into my mind..I don’t even know what does it mean? Do you have any idea..?

        Liked by 1 person

        • srijan. · 20 Days Ago

          mhmm, quite an interesting one. i like it. :)


          • Dakshali Gupta · 20 Days Ago

            Glad to hear that! I will soon be hosting a prompt challenge. I will be happy to read your take on it!
            Stay tuned!🙂

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  3. prachikarajput · 21 Days Ago

    Its only yesterday i read about your obsession for having a daughter somewhere in your profile, Its so weird and soothing to hear from a man. I mean its always an inner thought of a girl to plan about having kids from early years and you are an exception to that case… I feel immensely proud to have you amongst us in this cruel world.

    Liked by 3 people

    • srijan. · 21 Days Ago

      it’s just one of my dreams, that i’ve had for a long time haha. thankyou so much for the kind words and for reading this! means a lot!


      • prachikarajput · 21 Days Ago

        my suggestion for the name : Tara …I love star gazing so, yeah i would love to give birth to one⭐🥺

        Liked by 2 people

        • srijan. · 20 Days Ago

          that’s a beautiful thought. and it’s a sweet one! :)


  4. Shivani. · 21 Days Ago

    I thought you liked the name tiara? :p

    Liked by 2 people

    • srijan. · 21 Days Ago

      i do, but that isn’t the question. -.-
      what would *you* want to name our daughter, if we were to have one?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shivani. · 20 Days Ago

        If the guy I love and I were to have a daughter her name would be Shavi for she’d be the radiant light that wouldve made our dull lives brighter and she’d give our lives a purpose and make it very beautiful.
        Or Sati too! But lol then she’d go against her father’s wishes and be full on rebel but strong and brave! Like her dad.

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  5. Gerry Palermo · 21 Days Ago


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  6. Aintamuggle · 21 Days Ago

    This is sweetest! When you do have a daughter, she’d be the luckiest one. If my dad wrote this and I read it when I am old enough to understand, I cannot express how I’d feel. She’d be the happiest :)

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  7. ayiekosami · 21 Days Ago

    best feeling inna life
    big up to all the brothers with daughters
    awesome read

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  8. L.K. Latham · 21 Days Ago

    You need to keep this to read when you do have your daughter, since she will eventually become a teenager.

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  9. Veronica · 21 Days Ago

    Hmm…this is an interesting question! So I will play lol. I love Greek mythology and so I would have to go with Athena. Beautiful goddess of wisdom and warfare. Strong and beautiful. Wise enough to know what’s worth the fight or not and no man is going to mess with this chick lol. She was born from the forehead of Zeus and with no mother and also Zeus’s favorite daughter so I find that sort of symbolic of how in your mind, you long for a daughter. You imagine her. Not to say your daughter should have no mother because, umm yeah this is real life not mythology lol. I hope your wish for a beautiful wife and daughter come true :) <3

    Liked by 4 people

    • srijan. · 20 Days Ago

      it’s a pretty one :)

      thankyou so much for reading and the wishes. means a lot!

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  10. Dawn Pisturino · 21 Days Ago

    I hope your dream comes true!

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  11. Vartika · 21 Days Ago

    Beautiful post!! I always liked the name “Avani”

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  12. Aambar · 18 Days Ago

    This is definitely the sweetest thing I’ve ever read ! I absolutely loved reading how a man thinks about being a father and about being AN AMAZING FATHER to her daughter !
    Loved reading it!
    And yeah , if we were to have a daughter , I’d name her srijani ,
    Sri from my name and jan from yours .
    Ik it’s cliché but I’d like to name my kids from a combination of my partner’s and my name.

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan. · 18 Days Ago

      haha, thankyou so much! you’re really sweet.

      and i see. srijani, sounds cute!

      and you do you, girl.


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  13. Poetry Fluff · 17 Days Ago

    My husband always wanted a daughter but it never happened. Now we have a lovely daughter-in-law, and that’s good compensation.


  14. Archana Aggarwal · 16 Days Ago

    Okay, first of all this felt like a really warm hug after coming home drenched in a cold, unforgiving rain.
    To answer your hypothetical question, I’ve never really thought about it but now that I do- I’d name *our* daughter Chhavi. Because she’ll be a reflection of us. I’d see in her-your eyes and my resilience. She’d be bold like you, and tender with her loved ones, like me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • srijan. · 16 Days Ago

      thankyou so much!

      and chhavi is quite an interesting one! i loved it:)

      Liked by 1 person

  15. aliciajadena129 · 9 Days Ago

    Lovely! Keep the dream alive. God will bless you in His time and your joy will overflow.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. PauliAtomic · 8 Days Ago

    This is so beautifully written! Such tender imaginings…

    You’re definitely not the only one. I also long to have a daughter, or more than one… But, if I had a child and he turned out to be a boy, I’d probably keep him anyway.

    How about Kamana? As tribute to your long-held wish.


    • srijan. · 3 Days Ago

      thankyou so much.

      and oh i won’t mind a son. i’ll raise him to be a better man that oh i could have ever been and also would dress him up in dresses, while he’s still a baby. will be quite fun, lol.

      and i loved kamana.

      also, i’m so sorry, for replying so late. i just saw this.



  17. ceceliaebee · 4 Days Ago

    Nicely written and I hope your wishes are fulfilled one day soon!! There is something special about a father and daughter love and bond.


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