caressing the once touched

oh my beloved, i wish to find you near
only to find your palm syncing with that of mine
and oh my love, how beautiful did it feel,
as i felt it on my cheek
only to lean in and paint my lips on your cheeks
while oh my love, i lived my dream
of being the only
jewel that oh my love, rests tonight
on your sky-like bold eyes

oh my love, i wish to apologize
for peeking deeper in those eyes
for oh I’m still a mere stranger
but oh my love, now as i have
only to feel the pain, that you’ve been hiding
oh my love, i want you to
perform it to, all of me

oh my love, let my embrace be your stage
and oh my beloved, recite your pain as if it’s the poetry,
you were born to write
oh sing your scars to me, my love
paint this nightmare, to me tonight
only to never return to it, ever again
for oh my love, all the pain that you felt in your past
will become your strength tomorrow
and oh my love, i shall promise you
that oh until i stand beside you
no form of pain,
would oh my love, be able to breach your thoughts

oh how my love, when your lips let out the echo of you sobbing
as you reminisced one last time
about that day,
when oh my love, you felt the,
stranger coldness strolling on your bare chest
only to leave you still, in oh a state of shock
while his fun touch became the highlight of your life

oh my love, the unsaid was never said
for i was still, gazing in your eyes
with you on my lap
and oh my love, my lips breezed in
to meet those of yours
and oh how my love, once locked
they began their journey, that will lead us; breathless

oh my love, while oh you were in my arms
with your lip on mine
all wrapped up, i peeked at the corners and the edges
of your heart, and imagined the sight
only to my love, swear on my own self
to do all that i ever could,
such that my love, you never have to revisit these again

oh my love, how i felt
the salt in your tears, as it reached my lip
for oh my love, you knew
that i knew, what remained unheard for years

oh my love, i told you
as to how beautifully these tears
adorn you, and oh are the only pearls
that could make you look exquisite
but only when you were smiling, love

oh my love, the was gazing at things he find pretty
only to imitate you, in her own way
and oh my love, look how beautifully she painted you
for oh it rained, whilst the sun still shined bright

oh my love, I’ll make you forget the times
you spent trying to fade his touch
from your body
only to oh my love, caress all of you
in my own layers of poetry
that my love, will be the warmth you’d ever need
only to witness my love, as and when you’d read them
for you’d my love, feel the softness of the comfort,
that oh my love would put you to sleep,
on nights when oh i’d be away

oh my love, i ask forgiveness
for all the bad, that has been done to you

let me, my love
take care of you, for that has always been my dream

oh let me, my dear
feel you, in my arms
while you feel my breath, lingering over your naked skin
as my love, i was kissing my way through all of you

and oh my love, a day shall come
when all my love, that would had been surrounding you
for oh so long, would dissolve
just like my love, the moon dissolves itself in the dark sky
to end all darkness.

and oh my love, then there will be no more reasons for you to hide
or have nights when you would feel alone; unable to sleep
for oh my love, in the end
when we’d be one and together
the only thing that oh my love
would come to your mind
would be me smiling, for oh i’ll be there until forever
reciting to only you.


  1. Harbans · March 12, 2019

    Wonderful lines. Thanks sharing. :))


  2. Alisha Roy · March 12, 2019



  3. Jonathan Caswell · March 12, 2019

    Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


  4. my valiant soul · March 12, 2019



  5. Shubhi · March 13, 2019

    Your thought process is amazing.


  6. sappy508 · March 17, 2019

    This is pure love <3


    • srijan · March 17, 2019

      thankyou so much! :)


      • sappy508 · March 17, 2019



  7. cm writes · July 5, 2021

    I have reblogged your post on my main website (

    His expression of the subject is deeply heartfelt and fits so perfectly for the one who needs to hear these words from that one finally found who sees; really sees you and does understand.
    This is his website. Please check out more beautiful, heartfelt, and truly romantic poems.
    Posted on March 12, 2019 by srijan.


  8. Anand Bose · July 9, 2021

    Dear Srijan, Beautiful poem


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