there’s nothing more beautiful, than cuddling w someone, you really want to. the feeling is just so raw, and just so beautiful. i don’t know if some people do it w everyone, they meet, but oh i don’t. and oh i can’t.

it’s something, that brings two people really close. i don’t really think, i’m good at it, otherwise why would i be writing about it and not busy doing it? :(

but that’s a really beautiful, feeling. if the girl, is shy then you need to be the one who would be talking and just be all over her. if you want her to have a good time, then you should know what, you’re doing. and sometimes, silence is much better, than saying v stupid things, unless you’re smart enough the struck the right chords w your words. i don’t think i’m. maybe one day!

you know, when you’d slowly make your way in her blanket, you would smile, and would be looking at her. you would listen to her, for oh she’d sound like music, to you. slowly, you’d get closer, and closer, until your legs are over her, but make sure, you ask first. i did. i always ask, well idk, i just think, i should.

there will be a lot of moments to treasure. like countless of them, atleast in my case, because well, i write so i feel a lil too much.

you’ll notice how she would close her eyes, while you’d kiss her, on her cheek. while you’d remove the few strands, that’d eclipse her face. and she would smile.

if you’re tall and she’s short, then you won’t be able to look at her face. but hey, it’s fine. give it some time. let her rest on your chest for a while, and then slowly slide down, only to remove the strands from her face, as you caress her face, only to taste her lips, with your fingers, at first and then maybe just taste that finger and oh i’m sure, it’d taste like a rose. i’m sure mine one did. even tho, i couldn’t. :)

now either you both can face each other, or you both can face to a similar side. if you’d ask me, as to which one’s my favorite, oh i’d ofc choose the one, where she’s facing me, for oh i’d be able to look at her smile, and feel her hands caressing me. that’s the most tender, calm and extremely beautiful feeling ever. trust me, it is. while you’re really close to her, and you can see her smiling, you’ll find your hands caressing her hair, at first, as you’d kiss her everywhere on her face. kiss whenever you can. and there’s not really a rule for it. you do it, because oh she’ll feel beautiful and oh that moment will be asking for it. oh yes, they do! listen to the silence, forget the world. the world has just the two of you, in it. and no one else.

but hey, that dosen’t mean, you won’t cherish,, when you’re like facing a similar side. you should, for oh it also is really beautiful! and doing this before just might be reason, for making it more, beautiful! you ask why? oh because, you’ll find her facing her back, and oh at first, you’d slowly move closer, only to find her in front, and oh just place your leg above hers, and wrap her w it, while you’d place your hands on her belly, and oh it’d feel so cute. it really does, trust me. and smell her hair, but silently, even tho she’ll get to know. caress her hair, her belly. bring her close, kiss her neck. place yourself on your shoulder, and that’d feel beautiful, only to make you crave for her, even more, even tho, she’d be right next to you! it’ll happen all in the moment, and it dosen’t matter if you’re romantic, as a person or not. if you’re romantic w your own girl, that’s all that matters! yes, it does.

she’ll turn to your side, on her own and that’d feel bliss. because it just is! i can’t explain why! it just is! somethings are just beautiful, just the way they are. they are really simple and small things, but they are just really beautiful!

and now when she’s facing you, bring her over you, and oh you’d feel paradise. her warm body over you! watch out for her, because while i was kissing her, her hair would disturb me haha! it was adorable, just something i’ll cherish!

there’s a lot more, you can do while i’ll tell let you know, after i do it. and even if things don’t go the way atleast you expected them to, don’t worry about it. keep your pain to yourself, and look ahead no matter how much you wish, you were w her.

in the end, all that matters, that you spread love, and oh you both spend a day, in the most beautiful way! i’ve often read things about guys, that they can’t live without making love, and that is so wrong. if i’m in love with a girl, you won’t care about making love to her, for you’d be still busy making love to her warmth, her smile and oh just so much! so, no not all guys are like that!

so this was me, on cuddling and well there’s so much to it, i can probably write a book on it! and oh i’ll, after i’m w the girl, that will be w me forever! i’ll name the book after her! :)

oh love each other, like you’re the lyric to their music, for oh you complete each other!

with love


  1. The RheaSilient · May 11, 2018

    Sweet of you. the girl must be blessed to have you.


    • srijan · May 11, 2018

      instead it’ll be me, who’ll be blessed to have her! she’ll be special! and will always be! atleast for me. that’s why, i’ll cuddle w her, for oh she’ll feel beautiful. :)
      thankyou for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The RheaSilient · May 13, 2018

        You must be the sweetest man she could ever have. I hope u’ll find her soonest.

        Liked by 1 person

        • srijan · May 13, 2018

          she’ll be more sweeter! thankyou!


  2. utahan15 · May 11, 2018

    it sounds nice
    but this has not been my reality!


    • srijan · May 11, 2018

      make it!


  3. Sonali · May 12, 2018

    That was just beautiful Srijan. And you’re right. There are some things which are so simple that most of the times, they would go unnoticed yet, they’re beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. geetssaini · May 17, 2018

    there is great power in just a simple hug, cuddle or snuggle…working with lil kids has taught me that…
    but your writing puts Mills and Boons to shame…words can be the best aphrodisiac…

    Liked by 2 people

  5. div · June 7, 2018

    physical touch does wonders 😭 and now that you’ve explained it so beautifully, I’m craving it.
    but say whatever, you’ve inspired me with your writing skills!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. anshi · August 21, 2018

    Hi Srijan, thank you for stopping by my blog Cuddling and hugs release Oxycontin in brain and that’s a magical chemical that makes us feel loved and Love is the basis of survival. I really like the way you weave your words into sentences. Keep up the good work :)


    • srijan · August 21, 2018

      let’s not make cuddling all biological, for there’s a lot it already makes us feel and that’s enough! thankyou! :)


  7. Sparkling Sona · November 3, 2018

    So adorable and sweet. You truly are a romantic

    Liked by 1 person

  8. sappy508 · March 17, 2019

    I am in love with your words !!!

    this is pretentiously romantic in a different dimension


    • srijan · March 17, 2019

      really sweet of you. thankyou so much! :)


      • sappy508 · March 17, 2019

        My pleasure dear


  9. addicted2writings · October 18, 2019

    Wonderfully penned the emotions and feelings. The way you write I simply love it. It seems all effortless, just a natural flow. That’s the simplicity and best part of you writing. I firmly believe, the feelings and emotions which comes straight from the core of your heart are wonderful.


    • srijan · October 18, 2019

      thankyou so much. I’m not good with compliments, so I don’t really know what to say. but thankyou so much. i appreciate it. :)


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