why do i want a daughter?

okay, so if you have been reading me for a while, you would know that i’m craving for a daughter. and i’m sure, i’ll have atleast 3.

images (1)
okay so, why wouldn’t one want a daughter? i mean just imagine laying next to this beautiful soul! oh how lovely would it be? you’d wake up w your wife, and this lil child laying next to you! how lovely would be the mornings? can you even imagine? you’d hold her lil hands in your and she’d hold onto them, and you’d kiss her so much. and caress her lil cute belly! or you can just make her lay over you and she’d gladly sleep on you, and oh it’d feel beautiful.

images (3).jpg

imagine her laying on a winter morning, with your wife. and this lil cutie would wear a cute mickey mouse idk, baby wear and cute cute, slippers. oh how lovely would it be?


oh how lovely would it be to dress her everyday? making her wear so many pretty dresses. and a hair band! all pink! room pink! toys pink! clothes pink! pink pink pink! so adorableee. main-qimg-f4bf32f98aa3388788eb20a00cd04da5-c.jpg

oh two daughterss will be a bliss! like so so cute! i’ll just take my wifes hand in mine and just gaze at my daughters like all dayy! oh it’ll be so lovely!


like i said, i’ll kiss them all over! i’ll wear lipstick? probably nott. but still i’ll! my are the invisible kisses you can’t see, but oh they are their!


look at these two cutiessss. i mean how could you not want to hhave daughtersss? they’d smile at you! and oh i’d make facess, all kindss, to make them smileee. oh i can’t waittt. can you? i’ll love them so muchh!


and oh we’d have her clicked in every animal, vegetable, fruit, furniture! like every! dosen’t matter what! i’ll have her! and fill my walls w pictures of her! and i’ll make her mm also do it! we three in bunny! like mommy bunny, daddy bunny and baby bunny! picture perfect!


and it’ll be soon, Christmas! their first snow! how we our lil fam would do snowball fightt! make lil lil snowmanss and live in a small igloo! or make them one! so that they can live in onee! while i’d watch them play inside it and slowly hear them asking me if they could remove their hats, because it’d be so hot, but i won’t let themm haha! so cuteee.


slowly, they’d grow into this beautiful being, who i’d love so much! they’d be more cuter and prettier than their mom! and oh i’ll see her imprint on my lil daughters! and that’s why i would love them even moree!


oh how the older one, will take care of her lil sister and oh i’d watch them, like i never have! and hug them both so tightt! and oh i’m not going to let go so soon!

images (2).jpg

oh how would i write her poems and sleep next to her, after i read her stories until she sleeps only to watch her sleep, and oh i’d kiss her forhead and head for my other baby!

i’d buy her the largest teddy bear their is! and not one but an army of them for money won’t matter, for i’ll struggle so she could have all the things, i never got to have. so she won’t care about it! but i’ll be strict, as she’d grow up, because she’ll have to learn! she has to be! and i know she’ll be!


i’ll take her to the park, and push her while she’d swing on the swing tha moves back and forth. i forgot the name so yeah. and andd how she would play all sorts of games w mee. like she has to catch us, or i have to catch her and her mom too! i mean it’d be so much funn!


she’d make all these innocent facess and oh i’d fall in love! her eyes will be her moms! and oh it’d be lovely! like i can’t waittt. her chubby cheeks and cute cute everythinggg!

images (4).jpg

oh how cute would it look, when she’d get bored and yawn? can you even imagine? oh i can! and let me tell you that oh it’d be lovelyyyy!

images (5).jpg

her first rainn! dancing while it’s still raining! playing w water! a fam of three! love will prevail!
images (6).jpg

and oh look at thiss! don’t you just want to look at her all day? and just make her sit on your lap? or just kiss herr! and just like so much! i can write on this all dayy! there’s so much! i can never fall short when it comes to writing especially about the daughter i’ll have one day!

12. 2017 cute-indian-baby-girl-photos-13.jpg

no matter from which country, my wife will be from! my daughter will wear a saarii! ofc she would! and she would look so beautiful! and so damn cuteee!

images (7).jpg

i’ll try and do her ponytaill! and it might not be perfect, but i’ll try! and it’d be so lovely! getting her ready for school! and just making her breakfast! and loving her so much! can;t waitttt!

oh it’d be just lovely! this post can keep going on for no one in this whole world can sum it up, the joy of having a daughter for it’s out of this world! it’s beautiful! i can’t waitt, even tho, there’s still time, for i’ll have to look for the mom firstt! haha.

anyway, thankyou for readingg! and alsooo, they are beautiful, arent they?
it’s a romantic weather in delhii! i wish i had someone to write romancee! but it’s finee! all in timee! i’ll now go and enjoy the rainn! see you!


  1. enigmaofwords · April 10, 2018

    Such a beautiful piece 😍👍🏻

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chandrima · April 18, 2018

    It was really heart touching. The world would have been such a beautiful place if every one loved daughters the way you do!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Desai Aqsaa · April 19, 2018

    Worth reading!!🤗🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  4. McApple · April 19, 2018

    Wow 😂😂😂
    I loved it. May God answer your prayers/desires 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  5. impressionheart · April 20, 2018

    It’s adorable, I agree all that about daughters, I too have one.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. lifenmorethoughtsintoaction · April 25, 2018


    Liked by 2 people

    • Srijan · April 25, 2018

      thankyou so much!


  7. thepsychogrok · April 30, 2018

    Wow. I have never seen a guy with baby fever! It’s really heartwarming..

    Liked by 2 people

    • srijan · April 30, 2018

      thankyou, beautiful!


  8. arproofficial · May 7, 2018

    I lov daughters bt unfortunately I dont hav 1

    Liked by 1 person

  9. knowingwithoutknowing · May 17, 2018

    So sweet. I loved reading how you will do her hair. I hope you have the little girl you are dreaming of it sounds like you will be a wonderful father. Oh, and the photo of the little girl in the fancy dress made a song pop up. Butterfly kisses. That song used to make me bawl my eyes out and that was before I even had children so if you don’t know the song and don’t want to cry then stay away from it. Anyway thanks for sharing your beautiful heart with us in the blog world.

    Liked by 2 people

    • srijan · May 17, 2018

      yes, maybe one day! you’re lucky to have a daughter! i think you have more than one! i’ll listen to that song, well because i’m sure, it’d be beautiful! thankyou for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      • knowingwithoutknowing · May 17, 2018

        Yes I have three little girls, well they aren’t so little anymore. It’s been twenty years since I heard the song but from what I can remember it’s about time going fast and appreciating those special moments with your child.


        • srijan · May 17, 2018

          well, you’re blessed beautiful! looks like one of them might just be 18! and yes, it kinda is!


          • knowingwithoutknowing · May 17, 2018

            I’m starting to realize how blessed I am. I certainly didn’t realize it before. My oldest looks grown and about to be sixteen so she pretty much is.


            • srijan · May 17, 2018

              well, you’re really lucky! and she’s pretty my love, because you’re exquisite! she’s a poetry, that you wrote, and oh it’s beautiful for my love, you gave birth to it!


              • knowingwithoutknowing · May 17, 2018

                That is a really beautiful thing to say. Thank you!! 😀

                Liked by 1 person

  10. blogsbybilli · July 6, 2018

    Daughters are really great blessings.
    We are also 4 sisters and have no brother :)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. beautyandtheburp · August 20, 2018

    This is so cute. There needs to be more men like you that want daughters over sons. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan · August 20, 2018

      thankyou so much! just a dream i crave for, just like others :)

      Liked by 1 person

  12. rue202 · March 7, 2020

    Awww!!!! Out of curiosity, what if your wife gave birth to a boy? (PLEASE DON’T TAKE OFFENCE, I don’t mean it in a bad way, I am just curious).


    • srijan · March 7, 2020

      well, i do prefer a daughter but i dont mind having a son. i’ll raise him so that he could become a better man and father than me! and i didn’t :)

      Liked by 1 person

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