old fashioned

okay, well i’m a lil old fashioned, when it comes to love. when it’s about the one, i’m in love w. it’s her birthday, and you write a long sweet something for her, on social media. yeah it’s sweet, but well, i don’t think it’s enough. i do this shit, in my sleep haha. well, i really do.

i think i’d prefer handmade cards, for her, having pictures of us, from the v beginning. on two chart papers which takes a week to finish. it’s a lot of hardwork, but it’s worth it.
i cook a bit, so instead of eating out, i can make something and just carry w me, while we’d sit somewhere, where it’d be just her and me, and watch the sunset, while i ask her, if i could feed her the thing, i cooked.

or go a place not so fancy so that we can share our happiness, with the kids on streets, so atleast we’d make their day.

but ofc a lil alone time, will be appreciated. not in a bar, or w loud music.

i’ll play a soft tune, on my guitar, and isn’t that enough?

i prefer hugs which are longer, and are just not hints of a hug. or in text.

i prefer long walks, at night no matter what the time, just hold my hand and let’s talk and keep walking until it’s morning, but we would still have a lot to talk.

i prefer writing letters and not sending texts, for i love to write, no matter what day or time.

i prefer looking into here eyes, and asking if i could hold her hand in mine, while we talk.

i prefer baking a cake together, for her birthday, only to later surprise her w my not so sponge cake, that’s literally as hard as a stone. my teeth almost broke, while trying to chew it haha. i tried tho.

i prefer saying ily in front of anyone and everyone and then going red, not caring, what one might think, hugging just because i wanted to, kissing because i was really missing her.

i prefer in surprising when she will least expect it, and giving a rose, and just not texting it.

i prefer telling her, how beautiful she’s everyday, while she’d look into my eyes, and i’d look into hers.

i prefer loving even when she’s being difficult, for i’d know, she’s worth it.

i prefer travelling by road, so i could feel her every second she’s w me.

i prefer loving, like no one ever will.


  1. Jennifer Amber · August 18, 2018

    Your words are sooo incredibly beautiful! Whoever you fall in love with, will be so blessed to find a love this pure and thoughtful! ❤️


    • srijan · August 18, 2018

      thankyou so much, beautiful! and well, i dont know about her, but i sure will be lucky! <3

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  2. argyris446 · April 12, 2020

    Reblogged this on worldtraveller70.


  3. Karima Hoisan · August 7

    You are old fashioned, but what you really seem to be, is a true romantic! …and that’s a compliment:)


  4. Yashika Kalra · August 12

    You know I always felt I am too old fashioned according to this new gen. I am still a teenager but I feel so deeply about love. In the world of hooking up and getting bored easily I would like to be in a relationship which lasts forever. We celebrate together or mourn together. I am glad that people like me still exists. Great work

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan. · August 12

      i could really relate to you and also could feel as to how sincere you’re about this. thankyou for reading this. :)

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  5. thepenchantwand · September 25

    I love writing letters rather than leaving texts . Letters are more romantic ❤.


    • srijan. · September 25

      indeed, they are :)


  6. vidhichhabra · January 16

    Reading this had made me realise how loving someone is such a simple uncomplicated thing and it has made me wonder whether what I had with guys I cared too much about was love.


    • srijan. · January 16

      the answer to that, lies within you :)


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