Oh how wonderful would it be love, to wake up next to you, on a morning so cold, cuddling up in each other’s arm’s only to feel your hair, as my hands, slowly caress you, only to smile, as if you’re the sunrise that’s still due. Oh I’d gaze you, while you close your eyes as you lay, innocently, sleeping  in my arms, only to hug you tight, like I never have. Oh I’d keep you close to me all night, dreaming about the roses we’d plant together, that’d bloom with the love that we’d share. Oh how lovely would it be, to kiss you good morning, only to feel you bury yourself in me, only to feel the warmth that I so long for. Oh how lovely would it be, to surprise you with a breakfast I’d try to make, only to later feed you, with my hands as you lay against my chest, with your hand in mine. Oh the birds would sing for us, only to find you in the washroom, kissing only to never end. A tune, that’d hum in our minds, bringing us closer, only to tease you while we brush. Oh I’d pick you up, your arms around my neck, only to lay you back on to the bed, and hear you sing, only to feel the wind, that’d make you feel cold, until I see you and me, under the blanket yet again, in each other’s arm’s, to do it all over again. Oh I’d be as stupid as I could, and caress you in ways you can’t imagine only to feed you, as I promised. Oh and we’d bathe, together as I’d feel your body against me, all wet, only to feel the water, making me feel complete or was it you? Oh you’d giggle while I’d fall in love with you, all over again, as I’d feel each second passing, only wishing it’d stop. I’d surprise you, with thing’s so small, only to see your eyes in mine , and I’d hear your eyelashes calling my name, every time I’d see you smile, only to admire you all over again. Oh we’d make the lunch together, as I slowly make you sit on the slab, in a cute kitchen of our own. Oh you’d taste it, only to play w flavours of love that’d cook us a meal, that later we’d share with people who are deprived of it. Oh we’d go out, later in the evening, to create memories, that we’d cherish for a long time, until the very end. As slowly the sun would set, on a day so beautiful, we’d make it exquisite, only to see your hand in mine, after supper, walking down the lonely streets, w a gentle breeze, that’d make us feel at home, or was it you? Oh we’d play badminton, only to wat ice cream later, and coffee only to stay awake all night, talking to each other, as if it’s the first day again, that made us what we are now. Don’t kill me If I’d pull your leg a lil too much and act stupid, as that’s something I’d rather do, than be someone I’d loathe to be. Oh how beautiful would life be? When you’d be in it? Writing a story, every day that would hare just you and me, with the ink that’d make everyone smile, or was it you who was the reason? Oh I’d love you, like no one has, and like no one will for I’d have you carved on the moon, if I could, as name you the sunset that’d never end, as it’s you who’s beautiful all the time. Wouldn’t it be so perfect? You and me, forever.

So. This was it. You can judge me again for being cheesy and shit. It hardly matters. I’d still do anything for the one who’d be w me, no matter what anyone thinks. 


  1. themagicalwand · May 26, 2018

    Your writings remind me A LOT of someone! And this isn’t cheesy, most people yearn for such love. Best Wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan · May 26, 2018



  2. sahana narayanan · 8 Days Ago

    Have you found her yet?!


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